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  • What is the e-Photogallery?

    • It is the PHP + database (mysql, postresql, sqlite) WWW photo gallery.
    • It is designed for manipulation with very large galleries.

  • What are the main features of the e-Photogallery?

    • very large galeries and large files.
    • archive for uploading photos (zip, rar, gzip, bzip2, tar)
    • uploading archives support directory and recursive crawling trought this directories. From directory you can create photo folder directly.
    • description file for upload and import photos (file description.txt). See configuration of e-photogallery.
    • import of photos from dedicated directory (This directory can be shared via samba, ftp, scp, ...). Support recursive crawling trought subfolders with generate photo folder directly from selected directory.
    • export of photos and whole photo folders into dedicated external directory (This directory can be shared via samba, ftp, scp, ...)
    • most of bitmap format, and also SVG, PS, PDF, EPS
    • downloading whole photo folders and more photos and one in various output format and size.
    • email (send link of photos and folders)
    • searching
    • tags of photos and folders
    • online resizinf og thumbnails
    • EXIF format (including GPS)
    • extensive access rights (including access rights for concrete photos and folders)
    • multilingual (with easy adding new language
    • mss editing of photos - move to other folders, deleting
    • planar view of photos (without photo folders)
    • extensive possibilities of configurations - supported output format of photos, size of downloaded or exported photos, languages, ...
    • multilingual names, descriptions and tags of photos and folders.
    • rotating of thumbnails
    • viewing of runnig processes (folder deleting, thumbnail generation, downloading photos, ...)

  • What does the e-Photogallery require?

    • PHP 5.2 and above.
    • ImageMagick 6.5 and above.
    • Database server: mysql or postresql or sqlite.
    • Optional: unrar, unzip, gunzip, tar, bunzip2, rsvg-convert.
e-Photogallery © Richard Kotal - waplikace CZ 2010